fredag 5. november 2010

It´s been quite a long time since the last post. I haven´t had much time for doodles and car-renderings. So I made this drawing of the legendary french fighter, Mirage.

The illustration is handmade in photoshop, but the draft is off one of Speedbirds many aviation illustrations:

I´ll make my own design next time ;-)

fredag 9. april 2010

Retro Smuggler

These are some design scetches I recently made for a Norwegian wooden boat builder.
The hull is a construction made by Norwegian naval constructor B.Kullmann.

The purpose of this design is an attempt to redesign the classic american smuggler boat, (often produced by legendary Hacker or Chris Craft.) This particular design has a modern, solid V-shaped hull while at the same time being truhful to the shapes of the Classic Smuggler.

fredag 19. mars 2010


No renderings this week. Only doodles. It´s quite fun scetching on a surface that is not plain white. Scetching on a darker base makes the use highlights more striking.

fredag 5. mars 2010

Peugeot 888-scetchy

Nothing new about this design. It was my contribution to the 2008 Peugeot car-design competition.

Just had some fun scetching on top of an old 3D-rendering.

tirsdag 2. mars 2010

It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's...

I made this scetch last week. It started off being some kind of submarine , perhaps because of the shark looking fins?.. Well, after adding a couple of advanced engines, some contrails and some dark clouds, the submarine turned it into a airplane, or spaceship....
... No, gotta be an airplane (no contrails in space).... too small wings to be flying in earth athmosfere though... well, it´s just a scetch ;-)

torsdag 18. februar 2010

So far all my posts have been scetches of cars.
Having named my blog "Open the pod bay doors, HAL...", (from stanley Kubricks legendary 2001-Space Odyssey), does demand some sci-fi scetches, doesn´t it?

So here is my first attempt, making a small POD. Again, quick pencil scetch and grey shading.
The design is perhaps not very Kubrick´ish (rather more Star Wars´ish), but the main thing to me is it being a flying vehicle for once sake (no wheels ;-)

fredag 12. februar 2010

Here is a small "step by step"- tutorial, showing how I usually make these car drawings.

This perspective is a quite difficult one compared with the earlier ones I have posted here, so the initial scetch is quite messy. Fortunately things have a tendency to turn brighter when starting working with volumes and reflections. The way of work is quite straight forward from 1-3. The development between 3 and 4 is very iterative and again,...messy. I´ll try making a more complete tutorial next time ;-)