fredag 8. januar 2010

While sitting at work, waiting for renderings to finnish, speaking on the phone or just sitting, thinking, these small car-doodles have the tendency to pop up on the paper.

Usually these doodles emerge in the corner of some workrelated sheet of paper, and unfortunately they often end up in the waste, due to the fact that the paper initially was dedicated to something else than car-doodles...

One of my new-year-promises is to do something about this matter, developing them into something that I perhaps can use in my portfolio. So, the plan is to start off the week with Photoshop and my Wacom Pad, (not pen and paper) , making a sheet dedicated for car-doodles, and try to draw the doodles there insted of letting them pop up on every piece of paper I´m in contact with ;-)

This is the result of week 01-2010

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